Java Interview Questions – OOP Concept

Java language is developed using object oriented programming (OOP) concept as its platform. This object oriented programming language concept organizes data into different classes, providing the data proper hierarchy through inheritance mode. There are four basic principles defined under the OOP concept in Java which is very popular among interviewers during technical recruitment for Java developer posts. These four basic …

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Army Officer Interview Questions And Answers

Many people attend the Army Officer interview but only a small percentage succeed. The reason for this is simply because they fail to provide sufficient evidence of their ‘officer’ potential. You are guaranteed to get asked the following question during the Army Officer interview:

Can you tell me why you want to become an Officer?

You must have valid reasons …

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Police Oral Interview Hypothetical Questions

Whenever you sit down in front of the police interview panel, you’ll get lots of unpredictable questions thrown your way. Some of the questions can be predicted, and some can’t especially the scenario base questions (also known as the “what if” questions meaning “what if” this happens). The police interview hypothetical questions are extremely common during the oral board interview.…

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